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Meet the Staff: Candice Roland


From answering phone inquiries to photographing new acquisitions, the staff at the VHS have a wide range of talents that help make our collections accessible to the world. Who are the talented men and women of the VHS? In a series of “Meet the Staff” blog posts, we will introduce you to the people who work behind the scenes to collect, preserve, and interpret Virginia history.

Meet the Staff - Candice Roland

What is your job title?

Library Clerk

When did you begin working at the VHS?

April 2014

What are your job duties?

I assist patrons in the Joseph Bryan, John Stewart Bryan, and David Tennant Bryan Reading Room by serving research materials, answering questions, and filling mail orders, among other things. You can learn more about our library and what we offer on the VHS website.

How did you become interested in history?

Growing up in Virginia, I loved visiting nearby historic sites. Places like Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, and Mount Vernon really made an impact on me. I have always loved stories in general, so studying history came naturally.

What is the favorite part of your job?

I enjoy meeting patrons and hearing about the wide variety of research topics they are pursuing—it’s like a “behind the scenes” preview of the newest books, exhibits, and historic preservation efforts.

What has been your most memorable moment at the VHS?

My most memorable moment in the short time that I have worked at the VHS has been taking a hard hat tour of the new exhibit spaces and learning about all of the exciting new plans to tell the story of Virginia.

What is your favorite item in your office? Why?

Since I do not have a traditional desk, I’ll consider the whole Reading Room my office. I love the bust of Pocahontas that sits behind the Reference Desk. She’s such an impactful figure in the Virginia story—almost mythological—and the dramatic pose and expression really capture that memory of her.

Bust of Pocahontas

This bronze bust of Pocahontas by Griffin Chiles is one of my favorite items at the VHS. (VHS accession number: 1995.27)

What is your favorite collection piece at the VHS?

Right now I would say “The Compleat Housewife” in the Rare Book collection, but my favorite piece changes often.

The Compleat Housewife

“The Compleat Housewife (VHS call number: TX705.S59.1732.Rare)

What is your favorite historical period?

Twentieth century U.S. history.

What are your hobbies?

Hiking, cooking (not baking), and playing viola.

If you did not work at the VHS, what would you be doing?

Taking a photography adventure across the U.S.

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