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Fifty shades of grey at the VHS


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love color. My masters’ thesis was about symbolism in color. I drive a metallic pink Vespa. I love my Pantone guide. And I am not afraid to embrace the fact that “pink is my signature color.” 

You could say that because I am the Designer/Visual Communications Officer at the VHS, color is “my thing.” When I first heard about the book Fifty Shades of Grey, I thought that is was a new design book (whether you spell it gray or grey, we all know that grey is the new beige). I knew I was missing something…I could not figure out why I kept seeing people standing in line at the library to add their name to the wait list to read a book about color (I’m guessing that I’m probably not the only designer who was confused about the subject matter of the book). I eventually figured out that Fifty Shades of Grey is a very colorful book, but not the type of color I was expecting. Since I spend so much time surrounded by and thinking about color every day, I thought I would show you a random selection of objects from the VHS collections that include the color grey. So, I invite you to enjoy fifty shades of grey from the VHS.



Do you see any pieces that you like? Visit the VHS website to learn about purchasing a digital reproduction of items from the VHS collection.

Color is all around us and as I am sitting at my desk editing this post, I can see multiple shades of grey in the objects on my desk. So as a bonus photo, here is my non-staged desk. How many shades of grey can you spot?

Nesossis desk

How many shades of grey can you spot in this picture?

Jennifer Rohrbaugh Nesossis is the Designer/Visual Communications Officer at the VHS. Read more posts from Jennifer.

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  1. Anthony Nesossis permalink
    01/08/2016 12:32 pm

    I spotted 22 shades of grey!


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