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Did you remember to file your taxes?


One in 8.5 Million

The Virginia Historical Society has been collecting since 1831. Included in our unique collection are 8-million processed manuscripts, 200,000 books, 290,000 prints and photographs, and 32,000 museum objects documenting the daily lives and times of all Virginians. The object featured here offers one opportunity to look into the past. Millions more treasures await you at our headquarters in Richmond, by appointment at Virginia House, and online at

Did you remember to file your taxes?

Before personal computers and calculators hit the marketplace in the 1980s, the adding machine was an ever present fixture in the office. Made by Remington Rand, also known for manufacturing firearms, this machine was used predominately for bookkeeping and was capable of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. The adding machine’s popularity rose in the early twentieth century, despite strong opposition by bookkeepers and counting-house clerks who feared these would make their jobs obsolete.

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