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What’s new in the collections: Sinnott papers

Colin rehousing Sinnott papers

Colin is removing the Sinnott papers from the boxes in which they arrived and rehousing the papers in archival quality folders and boxes.

Behind the scenes archivists are busily processing a collection of architectural plans and drawings. The Edward F. Sinnott, Jr., papers include the records of a father and son partnership. Edward F. Sinnott, Sr., began his architectural career in the 1920s, working with Luther P. Hartsook between 1924 and

Margaret working with plans

Margaret is cataloging and adding call numbers to the architectural plans.

1929. Sinnott’s focus was on educational and institutional projects. During World War II, he stopped practicing and instead served as manager of a local USO club. In 1956, Sinnott formed a partnership with his son under the banner Edward Sinnott & Son. Following his father’s retirement and death in 1975, Edward Sinnott, Jr., continued on his own.

Our papers date chiefly from Edward Sinnott, Jr.’s career, but they also include early Hartsook designs. Our collection ends around 1987, which is about the time Edward Sinnott, Jr., retired.

Eileen reading a plan.

Eileen examines one of the many architectural plans.

Although there are some residential projects, Edward Sinnott, Jr., focused mainly on commercial and multi-family housing projects. He was closely involved in the development of the Willow Lawn and Gayton Crossing areas. Among his clients were Paul Gordon of Paul Gordon Associates and Investors Savings Bank. Both Sinnotts were active in the Catholic Church and consequently designed a number of parochial schools, convents, churches, etc., for area parishes. They also served on the board of trustees of the Mount Calvary Cemetery Association.

Please note:  This collection is currently being processed.  It may be some time before it is accessible to the public.   We thank you in advance for your patience while those crafty archivists work on making this collection accessible.   Also, thanks to Eileen who provided the dirt on the Sinnott collection!

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